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There Was No Sign!

“Two wrongs don't make a right, but they make a good excuse.”

~Thomas Szasz, The Second Sin'

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Where is The Sign?

At A Busy Shopping Mall ........

Customer: "Miss, my debit card doesn't seem to be working."
(Attendant walk by and wondering)

Attendant: "Are you sure you're swiping it the right way?"

Customer: "Which way is the right way?"

Attendant: "Stripe facing outward."

Customer: "Miss, it's still not working!"

Attendant: "I'm sorry sir, but that debit machine is currently out of order."

Customer: "I insist to use this one. Why isn't this one working?"

Attendant: "I'm sorry, but we called tech support. If you'd like, I'd be more than happy to suspend your order and-"
Customer: "It's your responsibility to put up signs if something isn't working! Now I need to speak to your store manager."
Attendant: "There's no sign on that machine? I'm sure I put them up just a couple of minutes ago."
Customer: "Do you SEE a sign?"
(Attendant walk over to the machine, and see the sign laying by the customers feet on the floor. It was clearly ripped off of the machine, as it's half torn.)
Attendant: "Hmm, I'm terribly sorry sir. It seems someone ripped the sign off."
Customer: "Yeah, that was me."
Attendant: "Can I ask why?"
Customer: "No, you can't."
Attendant: "Why would you use this machine is you had seen and read the sign, stating that the debit machine wasn't working?"
Customer: "Because there was no sign!"
Attendant: "But you ripped the sign off."
Customer: "Yeah, so now that it's not there anymore the debit machine should be working! Forget this! I'm going to another store!"

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There Was No Sign funny quotes

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