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Crocodile And Monkey IQ CHALLENGE

It is the story about two crocodile and a monkey.

IT was A WILD WILD JUNGLE ,on a lazy afternoon,mother crocodile and her son swam slowly along the river bank. Suddenly the mother crocodile saw the monkey “Oh, a monkey! How nice if I have it for my dinner.”

Then she said to her son “My son, do you love me?” “Yes, of course.” The baby crocodile answered. “Well, Can you see that monkey? I would very happy if i can have that cheesy monkey heart at my dinner plate. Can you go and get it for me?”

“All right.”The baby crocodile swam near the river bank. He shouted at the monkey. “Hey, monkey! Would you like some bananas? There are many banana trees over there on the other bank of the river.” “Bananas? Hmm, I like them very much. But I can’t swim. How can I get there?”

The monkey said. “Oh, I can carry you there.” “Really? Thank you very much!” The monkey jumped onto the crocodile’s back.

They swam towards the other side of the river. In the middle of the river the crocodile dived into the water. When he came up again, the monkey was wet all over. “WTF... Don’t do that again or I'll kill you!,you cheesy little croc..” The monkey shouted.

“ I know, but I must do that! Because my mother wnts to eat your heart.” “My heart? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I don’t have it with me,(sure he didn't) I left it in that tree.” Then we’ll have to go back for it! They swam back.

As soon as they got to the bank, the monkey picked up a big stone and climbed up onto the tree as quickly as he can. He hung himself up in the tree and shouted at the crocodile. “ Don’t you wnt my heart? Well, catch!” The monkey threw the big stone at the crocodile.

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Who is stupid and Who is clever?

Curious Cat like nobody but you

Curious Cat love nobody but you..

Most Curious Cat

Now you see them, now you don't! Click on the video below

Curious Cat :He think nobody know he is "moving"....!?!

...Nobody nobody but me
nobody can do the shake like i do
nobody can do the twist like i do
nobody can do the boogaloo like i do
nobody can do the monkey like i do
well let me tell you
nobody nobody buy you.....

Bug's Life And Human's Life

Some days you're the bug. Some days you're the windshield.

[quote]Price Cobb, American race-car driver, after winning a 1988 race

How To Make Money Monkey Business

How To Make Money Monkey Business

Sell it on Monkey Mart!

Middle of Nowhere

Where is the Middle of Nowhere?

"The middle of nowhere" mean:

If someone says that he is in the middle of nowhere, what does it means ?It mean he is not sure where he is.

In the middle of nowhere
1.Fig.in a very remote place. (*Typically: be ~; drive [into] ~; put someone or something [into] ~.) To get to my house, you have to drive into the middle of nowhere. We found a nice place to eat, but it's out in the middle of nowhere.

2.In a place that is far away from where most people live I'll need a map to find that pub - it's out in the middle of nowhere, apparently.(out)

3.In a place that is far away from where most people live We spent a wonderful year living on a farm in the middle of nowhere.(out)

What exactly is the meaning of "middle of nowhere"?


"Middle of nowhere"simply Mean.....


In the Middle of Nowhere might also refer to the fourth album by Modern Talking, released in 1986 in Germany and worldwide. It contains the international hit single "Geronimo's Cadillac", number 3 in Germany and Austria. It was produced by Hansa Records and published by Ariola.

Idiom: Middle of nowhere

The causes of violence

"You always write it's bombing, bombing, bombing. It's not bombing, it's air support"

-- Air Force Colonel David Opfer, complaining to reporters about their coverage of the Vietnam War.

"Guns have little or nothing to do with juvenile violence. The causes of youth violence are working parents who put their kids into daycare, the teaching of evolution in the schools, and working mothers who take birth control pills."

-- Tom Delay (R - Texas), on Columbine.
"We are all manufacturers. Making good, making trouble or making excuses "

 H. V. Adolt

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Stealth Dog

Beware!The Stealth Dog can attacks  it's prey with surprising results!!
Stealth Dog

But not this one..........The SLEEPING Stealth Dog!

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Smile Quotes 2

Never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful?

Smile Quotes 2

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.
~Phyllis Diller