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What we have in high school....

The PLACE where someone would say something, and by the end it was something totally different? Welcome to high school....

fake face

In elementary school you can always trust that your friends are being themselves. But in junior high you can't tell whether they are being fake or being themselves.

Things That Don't Make Sense

Don't Make Sense

"The simplest explanation is that it doesn't make sense."

William Buechner quotes

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Lake Park

 A little child ask his parent:

Kid: Can I swim anywhere in the lake?

Parent said: No,You can only swim in the designated swim areas.

Kid:Yeah Right...

OMG..Where does Crocodile come from?...

Lesson Learned:When people warm you don't swim in the Lake Park.Don't swim in the lake park.Just Follow ..

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If it's never our fault, we can't take responsibility for it.(Follow the rule) If we can't take responsibility for it, we'll always be its victim.

-Richard Bach quotes

BTW + OMG ,Exceeded our Expectations

Exceeded our Expectations

Sales manager reporting to Director:
We've met lots of new customers.The show has been very good for us! We've had steady income, our presentations were always excellent, and we had lots of order .-- it definitely exceeded our expectations. BTW,It's also been great to see existing users of our products and repeat orders. I FEEL great....We on our way back,we are at 15000 ft above the earth's surface,the food are delicious,the sky are blue......OMG!

Talk about exceeded our expectations .That is something really out of expectations!!

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Free and Bore Quotes

"Pleasure that isn't paid for is as insipid as everything else that's free."


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