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Buying online Scam

 Reality Is Unrealistic, 


Can i call it online shopping scam?

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.
quote:~John Lennon

Crocodile And Monkey IQ CHALLENGE

It is the story about two crocodile and a monkey.

IT was A WILD WILD JUNGLE ,on a lazy afternoon,mother crocodile and her son swam slowly along the river bank. Suddenly the mother crocodile saw the monkey “Oh, a monkey! How nice if I have it for my dinner.”

Then she said to her son “My son, do you love me?” “Yes, of course.” The baby crocodile answered. “Well, Can you see that monkey? I would very happy if i can have that cheesy monkey heart at my dinner plate. Can you go and get it for me?”

“All right.”The baby crocodile swam near the river bank. He shouted at the monkey. “Hey, monkey! Would you like some bananas? There are many banana trees over there on the other bank of the river.” “Bananas? Hmm, I like them very much. But I can’t swim. How can I get there?”

The monkey said. “Oh, I can carry you there.” “Really? Thank you very much!” The monkey jumped onto the crocodile’s back.

They swam towards the other side of the river. In the middle of the river the crocodile dived into the water. When he came up again, the monkey was wet all over. “WTF... Don’t do that again or I'll kill you!,you cheesy little croc..” The monkey shouted.

“ I know, but I must do that! Because my mother wnts to eat your heart.” “My heart? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I don’t have it with me,(sure he didn't) I left it in that tree.” Then we’ll have to go back for it! They swam back.

As soon as they got to the bank, the monkey picked up a big stone and climbed up onto the tree as quickly as he can. He hung himself up in the tree and shouted at the crocodile. “ Don’t you wnt my heart? Well, catch!” The monkey threw the big stone at the crocodile.

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Who is stupid and Who is clever?

Curious Cat like nobody but you

Curious Cat love nobody but you..

Most Curious Cat

Now you see them, now you don't! Click on the video below

Curious Cat :He think nobody know he is "moving"....!?!

...Nobody nobody but me
nobody can do the shake like i do
nobody can do the twist like i do
nobody can do the boogaloo like i do
nobody can do the monkey like i do
well let me tell you
nobody nobody buy you.....

Bug's Life And Human's Life

Some days you're the bug. Some days you're the windshield.

[quote]Price Cobb, American race-car driver, after winning a 1988 race

How To Make Money Monkey Business

How To Make Money Monkey Business

Sell it on Monkey Mart!

Middle of Nowhere

Where is the Middle of Nowhere?

"The middle of nowhere" mean:

If someone says that he is in the middle of nowhere, what does it means ?It mean he is not sure where he is.

In the middle of nowhere
1.Fig.in a very remote place. (*Typically: be ~; drive [into] ~; put someone or something [into] ~.) To get to my house, you have to drive into the middle of nowhere. We found a nice place to eat, but it's out in the middle of nowhere.

2.In a place that is far away from where most people live I'll need a map to find that pub - it's out in the middle of nowhere, apparently.(out)

3.In a place that is far away from where most people live We spent a wonderful year living on a farm in the middle of nowhere.(out)

What exactly is the meaning of "middle of nowhere"?


"Middle of nowhere"simply Mean.....


In the Middle of Nowhere might also refer to the fourth album by Modern Talking, released in 1986 in Germany and worldwide. It contains the international hit single "Geronimo's Cadillac", number 3 in Germany and Austria. It was produced by Hansa Records and published by Ariola.

Idiom: Middle of nowhere

The causes of violence

"You always write it's bombing, bombing, bombing. It's not bombing, it's air support"

-- Air Force Colonel David Opfer, complaining to reporters about their coverage of the Vietnam War.

"Guns have little or nothing to do with juvenile violence. The causes of youth violence are working parents who put their kids into daycare, the teaching of evolution in the schools, and working mothers who take birth control pills."

-- Tom Delay (R - Texas), on Columbine.
"We are all manufacturers. Making good, making trouble or making excuses "

 H. V. Adolt

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Stealth Dog

Beware!The Stealth Dog can attacks  it's prey with surprising results!!
Stealth Dog

But not this one..........The SLEEPING Stealth Dog!

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Smile Quotes 2

Never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful?

Smile Quotes 2

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.
~Phyllis Diller

The Price of sweet revenge

 It was a World Cup qualifying soccer match in Eindhoven, Netherlands, Wednesday 07 September 2005. NETHERLANDS Vs Andorra....
Ruud van Nistelrooy scores a goal for  NETHERLANDS, Ruud celebrates in front of opponent and receives a card .
Why was he doing that?
It was a revenge:
Before that there was a penalty kick where,BUT missed penalty kick ,the opposing player came up and mocked him...yes that's him ... one minute later he got his revenge!!!

Yeah it was a cool revenge!!
Revenge is sweeter far than flowing honey.
Homer ("Smyrns of Chios")
Don't laught at me and I 'll be back.........;-)

Prison imagination Quotes

“Anyone who lives within his means suffers from a lack of imagination”

 -Lionel Stander quotes

How about this?

"The world's progress is our stock of knowledge, and the brake is our lack of imagination. ..."

"Prison" for Those who lack of imagination...

one for all....

All for one ,one for all....

No more ironmanvs ironman ,godzilla vs ultraman whatsoever under the bed..

One million year to have million dollars.

You Might have heard this before:

"Dreams are like stars...you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny."

A man goes to church and starts talking to God. He says: "God, what is a million dollars to you?" and God says: "A penny", then the man says: "God, what is a million years to you?" and God says: "a second", then the man says: "God, can I have a penny?" and God says "In a second"

Don't be so grateful..

It mean One million year to have million dollars.

Dreams are like water, colourless and dangerous.

AntiVirus Software Earn Money Trick

"The virus doesn't let me do anything except buy the antivirus software!"

Click To enlarge

3 persons involve:

Person#1.The one who bring up the question.

Person#2.The antivirus software provider who put a "Virus" into the computer.

Person#3.The one who says:"terrible virus"

Who is the biggest liar? 
Who is the smartest Guy? 
Who is the second smartest guy?

I think.....
Person#3 is the biggest liar.He just a spammer!
Person#2 is the smartest guy.('!')
Person#1 is the second smartest guy no matter he telling the truth or just made up story.He get our attention.

 "I am trying to fresh format my windows vista (with a windows xp cd cus its all i have) but it doesn't work because... when i boot from the cd and unload all the files, it says 'starting windows' but then tells me to restart because there's probably a virus that forbids me from starting windows. and its true, there's a virus which is why i'm trying to reformat my computer... the virus doesn't let me do anything except buy the antivirus software, which i know it just a trick. please help... very important for what i need to do tomorrow .. oh god.."

 My answer to this is:
Virus never infect on the fresh installed window.It might the HardDisc problem or the Mainboard Bios is wrongly set.In other word ,it is the hardware problem.

Anyway i like this quote:

"the virus doesnt let me do anything except buy the antivirus software, which i know it just a trick."

Nice trick! ;)

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Cheap Private Helicopter: Fake it if Don't Have it

Wish to have your very own private helicopter without cost an arm and a leg?

Here you have it ,your very private helicopter.(Fly within your house only)

Personal Private Helicopter

The private helicopter?"Fake it if Don't Have it"

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Fake it if you don't have it: THE LCD TV

Don't worry if no money to buy new LCDTV?

LCD TV:" Fake it if you don't have it"

A stylish LCD TV when you look from inside the house.Just Don't let's your guest go outside.

"You Have it Now"

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My Biggest Regret Ever

How could it be.. Whatever it is ,i never meant to ...

Poems About Regret:Regret Today
How many times do we say something that we immediately realized was not the right thing to say?
How many times do we look back on an event and think, if only I had....
How many times do we do something that we wish hadn't done?

You can't change what has been said.
You can't change a past event.
You can't change what has been done.

Do you call it regret, sorrow, repentance?
Do you think about what might have been?
Do you relive an event the way it should have been?

Forget about regret, and focus.
Focus on today, not on the past.
Focus on what you can do, not what you didn't do.

The only thing to regret is living in the past
The only thing to feel sorrow for is not living each day to the fullest.
The only thing to do to repent is to sincerely say, I'm sorry. Don't live your life regretting yesterday.
Live your life so tomorrow you won't regret today.

By Catherine

Anyhow,regret is no a good feeling.Try to do things with no regret,remember what Napoleon Bonaparte said?
    "The only conquests that are permanent and leave no regrets are our conquests over ourselves."

The quote and solution about "regret": 

Regret Quote:

"You shouldn't regret anything that you say, because it was what you were feeling at the moment."

"Mistakes, obviously, show us what needs improving. Without mistakes, how would we know what we had to work on?"


TSOP(The Sound of Philadelphia)It's Not What You Think


 TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia) is a 1974 hit recording by MFSB featuring vocals by The Three Degrees.

 Certainly there is nothing to do with TSOP below..which is done by those who where not paid enough attention. Anyway, we really don't have any evidence to suggest that this is the case. It could be the real TSOP fans.A very clever supporter indeed.

"Education Paid!"


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"It is not what you think" quote!!

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No Smoking on This Premises

Failure or success ?

No Smoking quotes
No Smoking on This Premises

Success or Fail quote:

"It really hard to tell this warning sign is success or Fail..."

Try To Be Clever Satellite tv no signal

It is the rained that made your satellite tv no signal ?Don't live with satellite signal loss becouse of heavy rain again.Do somethings..

I know there are nothing more annoying and frustrating than when you are watching a good Football match(live) ,NBA Basketball Final minute,or Baseball game,because of a rain fall down ,the TV screen starts to pixelate, turning your most exciting TV programs into a mosaic of colored checkered squares. But this not gonna work.;)

6 Things Why You Hate About Everyone

Why do people get angry EASY?

Those who are extremely easy getting angry,frustrated and pissed off,PLEASE control you emotion.You will get yourself into trouble.My advice is some people aren’t worth your time to angry..

Let them know that you are sick about it and if they can’t be accepting then they need to find someone else to spend their time with.

If you are constantly making people mad,beware ! you are pushing someone to the limit.
,people seriously depressed,need seek professional help!not those silly questions..

6 Things Why I Hate You (ANGRY quotes)

1.When you are waiting for the bus and someone asks "Has the bus come yet?" If the bus came, would I be standing here???

2. Isn't it the most annoying thing in the world, getting asked a question that the person already knows the answer to, "Hey your hair looks really different, did you get a haircut?" >.<

3. When people say while watching a film, "did ya see that?" No Loser, I paid $12 to come to the cinema and stare at the damn floor!

4. People who ask "Can I ask you a question?"did you just ask me a silly question ? Didn't you give me a choice there??

5.When you're eating something and someone asks 'it seem you always eat that ,is that nice?' No it's really revolting - I always eat stuff I hate.

6. When people say 'Can you get the phone?' and then after you're done talking they ask 'so who was it?' well if you really would like to know who it was why didn't you get it yourself ,you lazy git!

I know there are more + + + + +,like :People who mouth breathers with hot salami breath....people who sleep on the train but snore super loud -:this is not your god damn house!people who listen to their music so loud that half the train can hear,people who talk on their cell phones in public place who talk like open a talk show,even half miles away can hear..etc.

 Do you have those days where you can't stand anyone?You better drop it..You need to get more sleep.DON'T TRY heroine:( just get some coffee.:)

Also Check out : 20 + "unarrestable" Sins That Make You Evil

Life Are Unexpected

Unexpected quotes?

Need some inspiration about life when life is so boring? when life is so routine?

Adventure movie like Avatar ,best 3D animation film ,cartoon movie with unbeatable graphic like SHREK ,How To Train Your Dragon, have you bored with those one eyed monsters,dragon,unknown creatures..etc..Instead of getting some fantasy felling from animation movie,are there any things that so unexpected in life?

Hmmmm....Let's have a cup of coffee and think about it...

The best things in life are unexpected - because there were no expectations.
-Eli Khamarov

How Consistently Help LossWeight?Jogging?

I can stress enough to tell the overweight problem has becoming a serious problem for many kids and adults.And this is increasingly has become a huge problem for most FAT people who living in developed countries.

"Jogging is very beneficial. It's good for your legs and your feet. It's also very good for the ground. If makes it feel needed."
~Schulz, Charles M.

Don't Forget switch on the music.

What is the most simple way to lose weight? Perhaps ,consistent is the only way that Get You There.

*video of a little hard working crustacean running on a treadmill

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Plants did tell "somefing"

What made you "FING" ?


What is the definition of "Fing"?

It is believe that "Fing" is a word used by those too lazy to write "effing" or,it can be the lazier way to say "Thing."*_*

So,the plants did tell you "somefing" huh ?

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What we have in high school....

The PLACE where someone would say something, and by the end it was something totally different? Welcome to high school....

fake face

In elementary school you can always trust that your friends are being themselves. But in junior high you can't tell whether they are being fake or being themselves.

Things That Don't Make Sense

Don't Make Sense

"The simplest explanation is that it doesn't make sense."

William Buechner quotes

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Lake Park

 A little child ask his parent:

Kid: Can I swim anywhere in the lake?

Parent said: No,You can only swim in the designated swim areas.

Kid:Yeah Right...

OMG..Where does Crocodile come from?...

Lesson Learned:When people warm you don't swim in the Lake Park.Don't swim in the lake park.Just Follow ..

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If it's never our fault, we can't take responsibility for it.(Follow the rule) If we can't take responsibility for it, we'll always be its victim.

-Richard Bach quotes

BTW + OMG ,Exceeded our Expectations

Exceeded our Expectations

Sales manager reporting to Director:
We've met lots of new customers.The show has been very good for us! We've had steady income, our presentations were always excellent, and we had lots of order .-- it definitely exceeded our expectations. BTW,It's also been great to see existing users of our products and repeat orders. I FEEL great....We on our way back,we are at 15000 ft above the earth's surface,the food are delicious,the sky are blue......OMG!

Talk about exceeded our expectations .That is something really out of expectations!!

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Free and Bore Quotes

"Pleasure that isn't paid for is as insipid as everything else that's free."


Bore Quotes,Pleasure Quotes,Free Quotes,insipid Quotes

Serious Scary Thing Notice By Cat

I dont know about you but Some people do believe animals can sense those things(Ghosts) easier than humans...

“You cannot be a good writer of serious fiction if you are not depressed”

 Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. quotes (American Writer, b.1922)

Dangerous quote Playground Caution

Hey Kids..outdoor game is very wonderful experience.. it has endless possibilities for having fun!But wait..

Nothing is more dangerous then try to have fun without Caution